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Great stuff! You've made an excellent choice. You've taken a giant leap towards getting rid of gas.

Just so you know, there's also the option of upgrading to the Electric Conversion Made Easy - Premium Package, which comes with the informative and entertaining video tutorials. The feedback so far says the videos are fantastic and take the guesswork out of a conversion - so naturally I'd like to entice you into trying out the Premium Package for yourself!

The "Electric Conversion Made Easy" Premium Package includes:

All 142 pages of my "Electric Conversion Made Easy" ebook,
FREE Ebook Updates - You get free ongoing updates to this ebook. If anything changes in the future, or if I come across a new EV conversion technique, a new method, or a breakthrough that will benefit you, I will add it to my ebook guide and let you know.
FREE Technical Support
"Getting The Most Out Of Your EV" - bonus ebook
"50 Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Vehicles" - bonus ebook
"Lithium Battery Guidebook" - bonus ebook
And Another Incredible Super Bonus: "Complete Step-By-Step Video Tutorials"

The "Step-By-Step Video Tutorials" show you the exact process, completely narrated, of how to build your first electric car. This really is a must have and compliments the ebook perfectly.

Even though the "Electric Conversions Made Easy" ebook is in plain English, it may appear scary at times, so the purpose of these videos is to run you through the basics of the whole conversion process without having to leave your chair. How cool is that?
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Option 1: Ok Gavin, Let Me Download The "Electric Conversion Made Easy" Premium Package for Only $77

YES Gavin, Let me in!

I understand that the "Electric Vehicle Conversions Made Easy Premium Package" is the most comprehensive, understandable system currently available to help me build a reliable, practical & economical electric vehicle that will suit my needs.

I also understand that I'm fully protected and backed by an ethical, full 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee if for any reason I am not thrilled with my purchase within that time, I'll get every cent refunded, no-questions-asked. So let me UPGRADE and download the entire Premium Package right here and now.

- Risk FREE Acceptance Form -

Option 2: Sorry Gavin, I'll Pass - Just Let Me Test "Electric Conversion Made Easy" Basic Package for Only $57

I can download the BASIC package instantly after my purchase and I have a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee in case I am not satisfied with your system.

That's great! Though do keep in mind that you won't get the cool, in depth video tutorials and ebook bonuses offered above unless you purchase The Premium Package.


My Personal Guarantee

I'm absolutely confident that, when you download and read my ebook , you'll be thoroughly delighted that you made the decision to buy it.

That's why I'm happy to offer you my no-nonsense, personal and ethical guarantee.
If, after reading ‘Electric conversions made easy”, you don't feel you've been given information that will help build a reliable , safe and cost efficient electric car, then simply ask me for a refund, and I will promptly process it for you — up to a full 60 days from the time of purchase in fact, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

I believe in ethical teaching and ethical trading. Your purchase is completely risk free.

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